Site settings describe certain settings for the site, regarding logos, slogans and colors used.

Get Settings

curl ""
  -H "Authorization: Bearer aaaaaaaaa.bbbbbbbbb.cccccccccc"
  "data": {
    "site": {
      "name": "Ziik",
      "tagline": "Facilitating knowledge sharing and social interaction",
      "headline": "Welcome to Ziik",
      "identifier": "example",
      "legal_name": "HQ",
      "terms_link": null,
      "default_language": null
    "images": {
      "logo": [],
      "mobile": [],
      "mobile_bg": [],
      "icon": [],
      "selected_mobile_logo": "mobile"
    "colors": {
      "top": "#999999",
      "icon": "#ffffff",
      "active": "#555555"
    "modules": {
      "news": true,
      "groups": true,
      "calendar": true,
      "quicklinks": true,
      "documents": true,
      "chat": true,
      "faq": true,
      "manuals": true,
      "shifts": true,
      "twofactor": true,
      "statistics": true
    "twofactor": {
      "force": false,
      "methods": {
        "google": true,
        "sms": true
    "login": [],
    "apps": {
      "ios": {
        "latest": 169,
        "minimum": 147
      "android": {
        "latest": 102,
        "minimum": 81

This endpoint retrieves site settings for logos and colors

HTTP Request


Query Parameters

None - all settings are returned

Update Settings

curl -i -X PATCH ""
  -H "Authorization: Bearer aaaaaaaaa.bbbbbbbbb.cccccccccc"
  -d "{ [...] }"

The above command returns 204 No Content on successful update.

HTTP/1.0 204 No Content

This endpoint replaces settings with the provided values.

HTTP Request


Request Parameters

siteArrayNoSite settings array with the following values
- nameStringNoName of the intranet - shown in title bar in browsers etc.
- taglineStringNoTagline - shown in page footer
- headlineStringNoIntroduction text - shown on login page
- legal_nameStringNoName of company used in policy acceptance message
- terms_linkURLNoURL to a page, where users can read about the company's legal terms
- default_languageStringNoDefault language used when creating or importing users where language is not provided. Possible values are the keys returned from /api/settings/languages
colorsArrayNoSite colors array with the following values
- topStringNoSet the hex code for the color of the top bar in clients
- iconStringNoSet the hex code for the icons in the top bar in clients

Permissions Required

  • User must be Administrator