Searches are free text searches across content that can be limited to only content of one or more types.

curl "[Keyword]"
  -H "Authorization: Bearer aaaaaaaaaa.bbbbbbbbbbb.cccccccccccc"

The above command returns JSON structured similar to /feed:

  "data": [
      "id": 2,
      "content_type": "news",
      "title": "A title containing phrase inside it",
      "body": "<p>Ad rerum possimus aut cumque. Occaecati possimus qui reprehenderit. Eaque vero voluptatem sit laborum enim impedit ea omnis.</p>",
      "confirm": {
        "enabled": false,
        "total": 0
      "publish": {
        "status": true,
        "published_at": "2018-10-28 09:24:13",
        "publish_on": null,
        "unpublish_on": null,
        "created_at": 1540814147,
        "updated_at": 1540814147
      "comments": {
        "enabled": true
      "stats": [],
      "visibility": [],
      "uploading_files": 0,
      "permissions": {
        "edit": true,
        "delete": true
      "url": "api/content/2"
  "links": {
    "first": "",
    "last": "",
    "prev": null,
    "next": null
  "meta": {
    "current_page": 1,
    "from": 1,
    "last_page": 1,
    "path": "",
    "per_page": 20,
    "to": 2,
    "total": 2,
    "facets": {
      "news": 2

Perform a search with the provided keyword.

HTTP Request


URL Parameters

KEYWORDStringSearch keyword(s)

Query Parameters

pageInteger1Page number for pagination.
limitInteger50Number of records to return per page.
typeArrayNULLAny number of content types to search in. Valid values are 'news', 'manuals', 'user', 'unit', 'faq', 'supplier', 'debate', 'event', 'document', 'message'