The Ziik API uses the following error codes:

Error CodeTitleMeaning
400Bad RequestYour request could not be understood
401UnauthorizedMissing or invalid API token sent
403ForbiddenYou lack the privileges needed to perform the requested action
404Not FoundThe specified content could not be found
405Method Not AllowedYou tried to access a resource with a method (GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE, etc.) that is not supported for the requested action
406Not AcceptableYour request could not be understood
410GoneThe content requested has been removed from our servers
422Unprocessable EntityThe parameters given are invalid or in an invalid combination to process the request
429Too Many RequestsSlow down!
500Internal Server ErrorWe have a problem with our server for the given request. Try again later and contact customer support if the error persists.
503Service UnavailableWe're temporarially offline for maintenance. Please try again later.